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South West Survival Reopens!

As always, we’ve got an exciting and creative agenda up our sleeves at South West Survival. It’s time to get you knee deep in the great outdoors and learning new skills in the inspirational backdrop of our fabulous British wilderness.


TOP TIP: How To Find Magnetic South!

Check out this top tip and more from me to get set and ready for the great outdoors this summer. Whether you're facing dangerous terrain for the first time, or just looking to escape the urban landscape, I've got tips and tricks galore.


Get outdoors this summer and learn the ancient skills of bushcraft @ South West Survival!

Technology and hundreds of other transformations have changed the world as we know it. We witness new trends and inventions which redefine our lives. Since the inception of time, bushcraft skills have been prominent. From being an utter necessity in ancient times to being a big personality booster today, their importance is as strong as ever!

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PRESS: Steven Kelly Talks About Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder In Military Veterans And How To Cope-Up With It?

Serving in the Army is one of the most unique experiences for every soldier. This job cannot be compared to any other job in the world and defies every concept of a job. The amount of satisfaction you get from serving your country cannot be compared with anything else. […]

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Pillars of Military Survival;

Hi I'm Steven, full time British Soldier serving in 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery & Owner of South West Survival. Check out Journal to find out what's been going on with me and perhaps I'll meet you on one of my upcoming survival adventures soon.

I'm a Military Advisor too; supplying the TV and film industries with real deal military knowledge and skills, from historical military tactics and weapons, through to modern intelligence apparatus. Get in touch if you need my expertise.
Steven Kelly , Survival Ste
Steven Kelly, Survival Ste